Our Story

PUNK BLVD – Rock Apparel was created by entertainer and fashionista John Taylor who's a legendary Illusionist within the entertainment industry. John's world renowned performances can be seen on both stage and televisions having performed in 80 Countries World-wide.
The story began after years of success in show business, so John set his sights on a new passion to create his own clothing line in which PUNK BLVD was formed. Inspired by the design apparel of Punk Masters, John Taylor vision with PUNK BLVD was to design his own unique apparel for young and old Rockers who have excellent taste.
PUNK BLVD have an understanding of what people want to wear. We get that fashion trends in society are continuously changing. Having visited many different countries John gets the importance culture, race and tradition play. His eye for detail puts him at the forefront of predicting future fashion trends and designing to suit the needs of current times.
PUNK BLVD was born out of a desire to bring a more distinct fashion norms into society and to break the jinx by adding PUNK BLVD originally and love in every piece in our store. You’ll regularly find new apparel in our collection as it’s always ever changing. So Rockers get dress to impress it’s time to look your best in your latest PUNK BLVD Rock Apparel and get Punk’d today.
John Taylor from Punk Blvd